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About Hot Oil Spa

Enjoy the best relaxation thorough Novla Thai Spa’s signature Hot Oil Spa service where you indulge yourself in full day pampering. Through the selection of hand-picked ingredients and expert blending of the warm healing effects of oils, with the beneficial power of touch, our experienced therapists are able to relieve tension and stress in a very gentle way, so you can walk away feeling revitalized and re-energized. Based on either you’re just in need of some relief from muscle aches or you just crave to pamper yourself, our Hot Oil Spa cares about your wishes and serves you at once.

hot oil spa

Unleash the Power

What Are The Benefits of Hot Oil Spa

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of a hot oil spa, where warm oils deeply nourish your skin and soothe your muscles. For instance, if you fancy a daring and exciting experience, try a nuru massage that makes use of nuru gel and hot oil.

Stress Reduction

Let your tension go as the healing warmth of hot oil massage slowly smoothes away any trace of stress, bringing you tranquillity and well-being.

Muscle Relaxation

Enjoy the feeling of tight, hard muscles relaxing as oil is gently applied and heated using the ingredients specially designed to help release muscle knots and improve flexibility.

Improved Sleep Quality

Following a hot oil massage treatment, you will be able to experience a better sleep quality as the relaxation induced by the treatment can make sleep deeper and more restful.

Skin Nourishment

Give your skin new life with our hot oil massage as all the healing properties of the oils moisturize and hydrate your skin, making it soft, smooth, and healthy again.

Why Choose Us?

The Nova Thai Spa Difference


Customer Satisfaction

Our dedication in reaching the highest standard of service is what makes us dig deeper and go the extra mile in order to make each of your visits extremely satisfying.


Personalized Approach

Enjoy an individualized approach to health, as our talented therapists listen to your specific requirements and create a personalized hot oil massage specifically for you.


Expertise and Experience

Trust that our team of experienced therapists, trained in the art of hot oil massage, will provide you with high-quality and personalized service fully catered to your specific needs.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Budget

Affordable Packages

Explore budget-friendly packages without sacrificing quality.

Tailored Solutions

Get personalized options to fit your needs.

Competitive Pricing

Enjoy top-notch services at competitive prices.

Value for Money

Experience unbeatable value with our services.

Massage Time (60 Minutes)


60 Minutes for Session
Unique & Pure
Happy Ending
You Will Satisfied
Health Improve
VAT Include
No Hidden Charge

Exceptional service! This company goes above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Jordan Smith

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