Experience Serenity Through Thai Healing


Dry Massage

Try out our Dry Massage service, which is a body massage that does not include use of oils. The best for sensitive skin it relieves tension and enhances blood flow. Feel revitalized today.


Oil Massage

Indulge in our Oil Massage that involves the use of aromatic oils on the body. It helps in muscle relaxation, skin nutrition and reduces tension. Have a stress free and refreshing day today.


Aroma Thai Massage

Experience our rhythmic Aroma Thai Massage with sea salts and Thai’s talent hands applying aromatic oils. Tense, stiff, tired and stressed? Here’s your chance to release a lot of tension and achieve a greater level of relaxation.


Hot Oil Spa

Enjoy our Hot Oil Spa service that incorporates the use of warm massage oils for massaging your body muscles to help in promoting skin nourishment. Many people do not find the time and energy to relax today, but for you this is a unique opportunity to do it.


Nuru Massage

Our Nuru Massage is a separate section of the oils, which allows full-body massaging and close contact of the skin. Take happy and relaxed feeling home by getting a sensuous massage in the present day.


B 2 B Massage

Let us help to make your day wonderful with our B2B Massage for deep relaxation. Our caring therapists give the best massage experience in order to help you leave your tension behind. Rejuvenate today.

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Float Therapy

Try our unique service – Float Therapy Massage and you will definitely feel the happiness inside you. Feel as you are slipping into deep water as the warm water swirl around you in a gentle pool. Release yourself of stress and tension today.


Deep Tissue Massage

Give new life to your muscles through our Deep Tissue Massage to help us loosen those tough knots and give you relief. This charismatic therapeutic remedy will make you feel fresh and renewed.


Happy Ending Service

Enjoy a Happy Ending massage at Novla Thai Spa as source of happiness in your life. We have professional therapists to take out all your stress, make sure you come to us and leave full of energy.


Lomi Lomi Massage

Indulge in tranquility and get our Lomi Lomi Massage services at Novla Thai Spa. Come and let our therapists make you feel relaxed with our Hawaiian-like approach to massages. Experience tranquility now.


Four Hand Massage

Experience the best Thai massage service with our Four Hand Massage offered at Novla Thai Spa. Two competent masseuse work in unison to remove all the stress and tension in your body. Indulge in bliss today.


Six Hand Massage

Make this yours today and get the Six Hand Massage at Novla Thai Spa. This treatment involves three therapists who work on your body as well as your mind in a way that has you coming out of the experience completely relaxed.

Discover More About Novla Thai Spa

What makes Novla Thai Spa unique?

Novla Thai Spa offers an authentic Thai spa experience in the heart of Dhaka, with skilled therapists trained in ancient healing techniques.

How can I book an appointment at Novla Thai Spa?

You can easily book an appointment by calling our spa or using our online booking system on the website.

Are the therapists at Novla Thai Spa certified?

Yes, all our therapists are highly trained and certified in traditional Thai massage therapies and techniques.

What should I wear for my spa session?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing. For massage treatments, loose-fitting attire is ideal for maximum relaxation.

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