Sensual Nuru Massage: Ultimate Relaxation

About Nuru Massage

Novla Thai Spa is the perfect place for you to get the best Nuru massage experience like no other in Dhaka. Our Thai Nuru massage blends the finest classical Thai methods with Nuru massage’s sensual and curative effects. Our skilled therapists use a special Nuru gel to provide a unique, slippery, and deeply relaxing full-body massage that enhances intimacy and connection. Come to Novla Thai Spa and let all your worries disappear into thin air as we give you the perfect combination of relaxing and soothing. Plan your visit now and discover why we’re the top choice for Nuru massage in Dhaka.

Unleash the Power

What Are The Benefits

Try having a nuru massage and feel the splendid tang of slippery nuru gel that intensifies the touch sensation. As a close contact session, nuru massage can be likened to other sensual massage services such as the body to body contact that leaves you fully energized.

Deep Relaxation

Nuru massage combines slippery Nuru jelly with undulating gentle motions to induce restful state and the release of muscle tensions, wrapping the mind in calmness.

Enhanced Intimacy

This massage form not only attaches people but also build a deep connection and intimacy between couples that made it a spot for couples seeking for an unusual bonding experience.

Stress Relief

With the mix of whole-body contact and smooth strokes, people can reduce stress and anxiety, consequently, they can feel like they’re in a state of calmness and balance.

Improved Circulation

The Nuru massage technique relies on those motions that are smooth and gliding in nature to improve blood circulation, boosting our overall health and wellness.

Why Choose Us?

The Nova Thai Spa Difference


Expert Therapists

Our experts in the field who are highly trained and experienced in Nuru massage will provide you with a service of the highest quality aimed at meeting your individual needs.


Luxurious Environment

Our spa offers a calming and graceful environment that will ensure your complete relaxation and comfort as you indulge in the soothing treatment of your choice.


Excellence & Detail

Here we focus solely on your health and in order to achieve maximum effect, you will have an individual massage session which will be tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Budget

Affordable Packages

Explore budget-friendly packages without sacrificing quality.

Tailored Solutions

Get personalized options to fit your needs.

Competitive Pricing

Enjoy top-notch services at competitive prices.

Value for Money

Experience unbeatable value with our services.

Massage Time (60 Minutes)


60 Minutes for Session
Unique & Pure
Happy Ending
You Will Satisfied
Health Improve
VAT Include
No Hidden Charge

Exceptional service! This company goes above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs. I couldn’t be happier with the results.


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